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Eudora welcome much needed

April 26, 2007

Moving to a new community can be intimidating. That is true even of a small city like Eudora. True, the community doesn't seem indifferent to strangers, as is the case in busier large cities. But newcomers seem left out when everybody seems to know one another. The surroundings are just as strange and the local institutions as unfamiliar.

For a town that has added about 100 homes a year the past five years, there is the potential for many confused newcomers groping to learn the whos, hows and wheres of community life.

That transition was made a bit easier this month when Ila Jean Traudt took on the role of Eudora Welcome, an offshoot of Lawrence Welcome. Traudt, a relatively newcomer to the community herself, said her goal is to visit the homes of those new to Eudora to give them an introduction to the community and its resources. In short, the visit is a reminder that their new home should be just that and not a bedroom to neighboring communities at which they may work.

The primary means of relaying that message are baskets with informational materials and introductory gifts and coupons from local businesses. The effort deserves the support of the business community, which has much to gain from its success.

But an effort to make Eudora's newest citizens fully involved members of the community has obvious advantages to all who call Eudora home and hope a broad spectrum of the community steps forward to help with its success.

For more information or to contribute, call (785) 331-3366.

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