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150th items tap into fete

August 2, 2007

It might not be hard to tap into the city's sesquicentennial spirit in the coming months.

Eudora sesquicentennial committee chair LaDonna Russell has watched the group produce several items in honor of the town's 150th anniversary.

If residents are cold, there's a throw blanket, for instance. If citizens have an unadorned shirt in need of decoration, the committee offers a sesquicentennial pin. And for those who feel a mental hankering to learn about the earliest days of the city, the committee published a sesquicentennial guide.

"I think our throw is beautiful. I like our logo and the book," Russell said.

The book, "City of Eudora Sesquicentennial Anniversary Edition" is a 64-page guide detailing the city's history written by committee member Cindy Higgins.

"She's great," Russell said. "She started writing it and she was through. She makes it look effortless even though I know she had tons and tons of hours of work involved in it."

The book follows the city from the Ice Age until today. It highlights local homes, churches, founding fathers and current leaders.

"I haven't had an opportunity to read the entire edition and it's great," Russell said. "I'm looking forward to just sitting down and reading through it."

The group launched the book during the CPA Picnic and had to bring in a second shipment during the festivities Saturday, Russell said.

The books are $5 and can be found at Eudora City Hall, 4 East Seventh St.

All proceeds from the book will go back to the city to cover the cost of printing.

The committee also sold several throw blankets during the CPA festivities.

The group released the throw earlier in the year.

Committee member Donna Oleson designed it.

It features four iconic images of Eudora, including an old train depot, the Pilla House, the old city hall and a representation of the Eudora statue, which will be unveiled during the grand celebration Oct. 6. The throw also features the city's sesquicentennial logo.

It took some work to make sure the images sewn into the throw came out clear, Russell said..

The throws are $35 and can also be found at City Hall.

One of the most prominent sesquicentennial pieces, and one of the most prevalent, is the pin. Eudora City Administrator and committee member Cheryl Beatty worked with a designer to get the shape and the and look of the logo just right.

"That's just the design we came up with in our office here at City Hall," she said.

The pins are $1.50 each and located at businesses throughout town.

For more information about the sesquicentennial or the commemorative items, call the City Hall at 542-2153.

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