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Remember others during heat wave

August 9, 2007

After two months of what seemed like tropical weather with a string of warm humid days, summer as we traditionally know it has come to Kansas. Temperatures have steadily climbed this week as the strong southern wind chased away the overcast of recent weeks and ushered a drier more intense heat.

It is weather that can easily cause dehydration and heat stroke without proper precautions, especially among the frail and elderly. We all should bear this in mind as we go about our daily business, particularly if those tasks take us outside. Simple precautions such as drinking lots of water or appropriate sports drinks while avoiding those high in sugar and caffeine content, wearing light-colored and loose-fitting clothing, and attending to outdoor tasks in the morning or evening,

But in a community the size of Eudora, we can do more. We can look after each other.

We can do so by looking in on neighbors who might struggle with the heat or who live in a home with no or inadequate air conditioning. We can bring those individuals a cool drink, take them for an afternoon visit to the library or loan them a fan. But most importantly, we can quietly monitor their condition and encourage them to call if they feel the need for help.

The heat will be gone soon enough. We shouldn't let it take any more than our flowers and vegetables.

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