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Summer, heat signal reminiscence

August 23, 2007

Maybe it's the heat that has produced my current brain-dead state. Holed up in the house with the air conditioner going full blast tends to create a droopy attitude much like in the winter when we suffer from cabin fever. Trying to create a spark of creativity, I found myself paging through columns written during the summer in previous years. This made me think maybe I could do a Jay Leno re-run of past events so here are some of the things that were happening in years past.

  • (July 28, 2005) Little league "all star" baseball tournaments were in full swing with the Kansas heat bearing down on players "dressed in polyester uniforms and long stockings."

The carnival was in town for CPA weekend, and the heat extended to City Hall where "retaining two city employees" was in the news, spurring some residents to form a group called the "Awareness Coalition of Eudora," which is still watchful of city happenings.

Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the Supreme Court and left a huge vacuum concerning women's rights, which will continue to affect us for years to come.

  • (July 31, 2003) CPA ushered in temperatures in the high 90s once again, and the proposed swimming pool issue was the subject at the picnic that year with members of the committee manning a booth to provide information on the proposed pool. Thankfully, this summer we finally enjoyed that new pool to the delight of families who knew where their kids were when they were off to work. Zero-depth entry at the new pool was especially enjoyed by the very young and the old.

One day at the new pool, I visited with Dr. Peter Bock who brought Carrol Schopper, who is in a wheelchair, to the pool as a birthday gift. The zero entry made it possible to wheel Carrol into the pool so he could again experience the sun and the water.

  • (Aug. 14, 2003) I wrote about visiting with Lauren and Thomas Smith, who were the owners of Madame Hatters at that time. They were both concerned about revitalizing downtown. Now with the grant for downtown a reality, here's hoping we can look forward to new shops and businesses for our downtown area.

I talked this past weekend with Heather Noble, who will be re-opening Broers Flower Shop on Main Street and DeeAnn Alvarez, who is planning to open a coffee shop very soon in the old Trefz building. I was thrilled with this news as I am sure many of you will be, as well. Be sure to watch for their openings and patronize their stores.

  • (Aug. 21, 2003) Mallorie Cleveland was working at C&S Market and heading off to Fort Scott Community College in a few days to play softball. She was a little worried about leaving home for the first time. That is once again the case as our spring graduates head off for school -- some near and some far. Many of whom may be home in a week, and others we won't see until Thanksgiving.
  • (Aug. 12, 2004) Temperatures were unseasonably cool that summer as I wrote about having Colorado weather and having frequent rain and cool days, which fooled the chrysanthemums into blooming early. Can you imagine? It's not like today as temperatures are still sweltering and the petunias and geraniums are brown and scraggly.

My grandson Grant had a new puppy that summer, which we called G.G., and who at this moment is sitting on my lap trying to distract me from typing this column.

  • (Aug. 24, 2006) Last August was much like this one. I wrote, "August -- blistering heat, no rain and green grass gone to brown stubble that pricks bare feet as you drag the garden hose to water trees struggling in the heat."

Tom Tucker, his fellow Lions Club members and Tami Klinedinst organized a garage sale to raise funds for the Chief Paschal Fish and Eudora Fish statue to be dedicated Oct. 6 during Eudora's Sesquicentennial.

Rita and David Richardson were married that week just a week after David's father, Don Richardson, died unexpectedly.

  • (Oct. 9, 2003) I couldn't help including this one even if it's not a summer column.

That week I wrote about EHS football and our loss to Paola which found Tyler Cleveland "playing his first game after being sidelined for a broken collarbone motioning to the crowd for support."

This past weekend, several hundred guests watched as Tyler and his new bride, Megan, walked down the stairs at their wedding reception. Megan was in her wedding dress, and Tyler in the blue button down he wore for their wedding a few weeks ago in Key West, Fla. Ah, how youthful and beautiful they looked. Congratulations to both and have a happy life.

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