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Support appreciated

August 30, 2007

To all who are interested in and supportive of our daughter's effort to be allowed to run cross-country as well as be a cheerleader during the football season; the following is the outcome of the school board meeting Monday night.

After a 25-minute executive session at the beginning of a meeting scheduled to discuss teacher negotiations, the board members returned with a unanimous vote to allow Emily to continue both activities. The board suggested they would look into a more complete policy for all student athletes at a later date.

While we, and Emily, who has been preparing for her running season all along, are thrilled with this decision for her, we do not want this to end here. Emily will be walking through the doors at Eudora High for the last time this May following graduation. Her high school sports career will be complete. What will be the fate of others who may desire to have the same opportunity? That one student athlete may be you, your child or your grandchild.

To those of you who came out Monday night in support of Emily, or a two-sport policy in general, as well as the countless others that were unable to attend the meeting, please do not let it end here. Stay informed as to when the school board will be discussing and deciding policy. This information can be found in The Eudora News as well as on the Web site

Here is a question to ponder. Is a blanket policy controlled by the board even necessary, since many school operate quite successfully by addressing this issue on an individual case-by-case basis?

We thank the coaches, student body and the citizens of Eudora for their support.

LaDonna and Don Ballock


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