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Letter: Reduce business taxes

February 1, 2007

A recent survey of Kansas business owners and operators indicates considerable optimism about the direction of the state's economy. Today, 55 percent of Kansas business leaders polled think that the state's economy is headed in the right direction and the growing optimism is in all geographic areas of the state.

One reason for this increased optimism is the 2006 elimination of property taxes on new investments in machinery and business equipment, according to the nationally recognized polling firm that performed the survey for The Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

However, the increased optimism is tempered by concern about business taxes. Fully 60 percent of the business respondents say they pay too much in taxes for state and local government and, when asked about the most important issue facing businesses in Kansas, taxation tops the list.

Overall, this survey shows that Kansas business leaders believe the state's economy and business climate are moving in the right direction, however, they are not ready to settle for the status quo and want to see more changes occur, particularly with taxation.

That is why The Kansas Chamber supports proposals now being discussed in the Capitol to reduce the tax burden on the Kansas businesses that provide the jobs that fuel our economy.

Businesses all across the state call on the Legislature and the governor to help make Kansas the best state in America to do business by reducing corporate income and unemployment compensation taxes, along with repealing the franchise tax.

Marlee Carpenter

Vice president of government relation

The Kansas Chamber of Commerc

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