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Offer made for Salem Chapel

February 8, 2007

Salem Chapel, a property owned by the Eudora United Methodist Church, has sold ---- again.

The congregation originally sold Salem Chapel last year to buyer who put down earnest money, but the deal fell through, the Rev. Michael Tomson-DeGreeff said.

"They just changed their mind, and we put it up back on the market," Tomson-DeGreeff said.

It didn't take long for another interested buyer to snap up the 137-year-old building.

"We received an offer, and we're in contract negotiations, so that's cool," Tomson-DeGreeff said.

Real estate agent Fred Schmidt of Century 21 has helped the congregation come to terms in both deals for the church.

"It was certainly an interesting historical structure and it's a good value," he said.

The new owners plan to use the chapel as the single family residence, he said.

Schmidt also helped the congregation find a buyer last year for a the church across the street from Salem Chapel which the congregation used from 1921 to last year. Since the 1960s, EUMC used Salem Chapel for Scout meetings, dinners and smaller celebrations.

The congregations sold both buildings, because Tomson-DeGreeff and his flock are waiting to move into a new church south of Kansas Highway 10 currently under construction.

While searching for a new buyer, the congregation kept Salem in active use.

"We've been using for dinners and meetings and the Scouts have been using it for meetings," Tomson-DeGreeff said. "Our building will hopefully be done around April."

The congregation members should be able to make do without the church, he said.

"We just have a little transition that will be a little bit of a challenge," Tomson-DeGreeff said.

To help with the transition, the congregation has had services at Warren-McElwain Chapel and relied on help from other local churches.

"We've had real good relationship with St. Paul United Church of Christ." Tomson-DeGreeff said. "They're letting us to do some of our ministry there."

In particular, St. Paul has provided a place for EUMC's Kids' Day Out program, Tomson-Degreeff said.

"We're just kind of making do," he said.

Tomson-DeGreeff characterized the quick sale of the chapel as a blessing for his congregation.

"The money from all the property we've been selling is going toward the construct of the new building," Tomson-DeGreeff said. "It would not have stopped the project either way, but when we sell a property it means we have to borrow less money from the bank, and that's quite a blessing."

Salem Chapel will be sold in conjunction with other properties EUMC will be looking to sell, Tomson-DeGreeff said.

"There really is an energy and momentum building up as the new building goes up and as we sell the other property," he said. "It's very exciting."

Schmidt expects the new owners take over the property Feb. 17.

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