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Letter: Include EMS members in merger talks

February 15, 2007

As the one who started the Eudora Emergency Medical Service, I feel that the city of Eudora and the Douglas County Fire and Medical Department owe it to the Eudora EMS to include them in any discussions about anything concerning them.

It is extremely unfair to exclude them as well as being rude to the people who give up their time and their own money to service the greater area of Eudora and the township.

They have a director that would have at least been notified of such an important thing as a merger.

Seems everyone involved has forgotten about the members who run in the area.

If the past is any reflection on what will happen in Eudora, then the members do have a right to be nervous about changes that might affect them.

This needs to be out in the open. The leaders of the Eudora Emergency Medical Service need to be included in any discussions.

Sharron Harris

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