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Flu’s maladies includes boredom

February 22, 2007

We have finally come out of the deep freeze of the past 30-plus days into 50-degree weather as I write this. Living in Kansas all of my life, I remember the "good old days" when the cold and snow could last as long as three months not just 30-plus days.

However, this past month has caused me to whine a lot and dream about a second home somewhere balmy where the "snow bunnies" motor off to each year in their campers.

So we all rejoice to finally see the sun and the snow melting. I think even the kids are glad to be back into a routine at school no longer looking for snow days but ahead to spring vacation which is only about a month away.

Trying to find a parking space in the parking lot at Byrne's Pharmacy and Dr. Dickerson's office the past few weeks was enough to let you know the parade of germs visited many households during these past few weeks of the deep freeze as well. We all shared equally as flu and strep ran rampant throughout the community -- visiting our household as well.

I have decided that sitting out the cold can be made easier, in a way, as long as you are sick. It is much easier to settle into the warm blanket and doze off while watching TV or old movies; however, after about the fourth day of feeling like your head is a large drum, it's not a lot of fun nor is your reflection in the bathroom mirror. I finally sneaked in and out of the bathroom in the dark trying not to look up, especially after viewing an hour of ballroom dancing on PBS. It doesn't seem fair that somewhere these beautiful people are floating in lovely, floor-length evening gowns with flawless hair and make up as well as flexible toned bodies enveloped in sheer gossamer and chiffon as I suffer tucked into the couch surrounded by used tissues, tea mugs and my favorite hot pad. My own garb of flannel pajamas with the Scottie dog on the pocket left something to be desired, as did my red nose and tiny swollen eyes.

The question was," How many tissues do you go through before the doctor is called?"

It is embarrassing to note that at some point you finally just stuff both nostrils with tissues and change them periodically in order to save wear and tear on the outside of your nose that begins to take on the feel of a callus. That's a picture to contemplate, isn't it?

Perhaps another side of being sick is keeping up with the news. I refuse to say anything here about women (or men for that matter) wearing diapers or to mention the name of poor, unfortunate Anna Nicole Smith and her untimely death and tragic life. It seemed every news story for at least the past two weeks has dwelt on both of these events and interviewed any and all who were remotely related or involved with both the diaper- wearing lady astronaut and the television celebrity. What a media frenzy.

I enjoyed watching the snow piling up in New York, thanking God all the while that it was them instead of us getting five inches of snow an hour. I began to wonder if your house would be warmer if such a blizzard enveloped it in snow like an igloo. What do you think?

I also wiled away an hour with the Discovery Channel special "Tracking Bigfoot" when I just wasn't up to changing the channel. I don't know what I expected but I thought that all of those impressive scientists might just have something better to do than trying to decide if that is really a big ape running around making footprints in the woods or just a character in an ape suit sneaking over to his girlfriend's house. Somehow a chicken suit seems more appropriate for that.

Not even feeling well enough to read -- the hardbacks seemed to weigh too much and the paperbacks just slipped through my weakened fingers -- I did resort to a lot of movies. Some of them were especially good. I recommend the series of "The House of Elliott" as well as several others that can be checked out from the library i.e. "Match Point" and "Benny and Joon" (an early Johnny Depp comedy) to mention only a few. And did you catch the new "Dracula" on Masterpiece Theatre? It's not as good as some I've seen.

One line, which I thought was pretty silly, was when one of the characters asked another "Do you think her teeth have grown?" Well, "Duh."

There you have it -- the somewhat still feverish ravings of a person surviving a very bad cold. I almost signed off on this column pleading illness but you may as well suffer along with me. Hey what are friends for anyway?

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