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Days gone by

January 4, 2007

7 years ago
December 1999-January 2000

A benefit jam session, with a performance by "Theze Guyz" was set up as a fund-raiser for the Rick McClelland family at the Silver Wheel in De Soto.
McClelland learned just before Christmas that what he thought was a bad tooth was actually cancer of the sinus cavity and jawbone. The family did not have health insurance and McClelland's wife, Cindy, recently gave up her job to care for her husband around the clock.
McClelland had surgery at Kansas University Medical Center to remove all his teeth. The operation followed two weeks of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink cancerous tumors. More chemo and daily radiation treatments were also planned.
¢ Eudora High School boys basketball cheerleaders were Monica Reynolds, Karen Grosdidier, Ashley Kraus, Aubry Jamison, Sheena Warrington and Tiffany Taylor.
¢ Tom Taylor, Eudora, a junior in aeronautical technology professional pilot option at Kansas State University at Salina, received his certified instrument flight instructor rating.
¢ Members of the 1999-2000 Eudora High School Student Council were Beth Dillon, president; Matt Fisher, vice president; and Nichole Hickman, Cyrus Hall, Kris Sample, Natasha Moses, Frank Dillon, Brian Harris, Shonna Warrington, Wes Hinman, Thomas Stein, Estelle Montgomery, Michael Paxton, Therese Mersmann, Tina Lauber, Jamie Rehmer, Melanie Claggett and Mishaun Russell.

15 years ago
December 1991-January 1992

After operating the Market Basket in Eudora for 20 years, Gary and Bettie Vermillion sold the business.
The Vermillions moved to Eudora 20 years before from Polo, Mo., where Gary owned the Polo Food Center and Bettie taught school.
They purchased the grocery business from Merlin and Pat Eisenbarger and changed the name to the Market Basket, a family grocery name. At that time, Gary's father owned the Market Basket in Kansas City.
Bryan and Julia Chumbley became the new owners of the local grocery store. The Chumbleys changed the name of the store to C&S Hometown Market.
The "C" stood for Chumbley and the "S" for Simpson, Julia's father, John Simpson, was co-owner in the venture. He was operating John's Market in Troy where the Chumbleys had been employed prior to their move to Eudora.
Bryan received a business management degree from Missouri Western State College. Julia had been a secondary English teacher.
¢ The final figures raised for the 1991 Mayor's Christmas Fund drive was $3,200. A total of 31 families including 77 children and 16 elderly were helped through the fund. The money collected was used to buy food for Christmas meals as well as Coast to Coast gift certificates for children to buy toys.
¢ A birthday card shower was requested for Josephine Seiwald Miller, a resident of Eudora Nursing Center, who was turning 90.
Mrs. Miller was born and raised on a farm just south of Eudora. All of her ancestors were early German settlers of the Eudora area.
She was the captain of the 1921 and 1922 championship Eudora High School's girls basketball teams.
¢ Eudora High school cheerleaders Kari Ott and Angela Richardson represented the school, the state and the country in the Lord Mayor of Westminster's parade on New Year's Day in London.
Ott and Richardson earned the weeklong trip to London at the Universal Cheerleader Association's camp during the summer at Kansas University. Their mothers, Barbara Ott and Valerie Richardson, accompanied them.

28 years ago
January 1979

More than a foot of snow had fallen as Eudora was hit with the first major snowfall of the season.
¢ The Welcome to Eudora signs situated on the main thoroughfares entering Eudora read "Population 3,026 and growing."
¢ Christmas holiday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nusbaum were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Murphy and Molly, Fort Morgan, Colo.; Virginia Nusbaum, Seattle, Wash.; Rozann Nusbaum, Burlington, Vt.; Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGivern, Manhattan; and Bobbie Nusbaum, St. Louis.
¢ Eudora High School senior Sam Neis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neis Jr., entered the hospital the day after Christmas with pneumonia.

29 years ago
January 1978

Jason Crawford, son of Gary and Sheryl Crawford, became the first Eudora baby born at Lawrence Memorial Hospital on Jan. 3.
¢ The Eudora Planning Commission recommended that the city council accept Southwestern Bell Telephone Company's application for a 1.75-acre tract of land located south of the Eudora Catholic Cemetery to erect a 150-foot microwave tower.
¢ Miss Roberta Nottingham, the former teacher for whom the Eudora Nottingham Elementary School was named received about 400 handmade cards from students at the elementary school in honor of her birthday.
Miss Nottingham taught school, mostly first grade, for a total of 43 years, 26 of them in the Eudora school system. She retired during the 1967-1968 school year.

114 years ago
January 1893

Directors at the State Bank of Eudora were Charles Pilla, J.F. Weaver, E.E. Wilson, A. Lotz Jr., Henry Abels, C.N. Bishoff, J.M. Hadley, August Ziesenis and W.H. Robinson.
¢ In the Eudora markets, eggs were 20 cents a dozen. Butter was 10 pounds at 16 cents per pound. Potatoes were 50 cents per bushel. Onions were 70 at 75 cents a bushel. Wheat No. 2 was 51 cents a bushel. Corn was 25 cents a bushel and oats were 22 cents per bushel.
In the Eudora retail markets, 100 pounds of first-grade flour was $2.20. One hundred pounds of second-grade flour was $2. Corn meal was $1.25 for 100 pounds. Corn bran was 40 cents for 100 pounds. Wheat bran was 65 cents for 100 pounds. Oats No. 2 were 28 cents a bushel and oil cake was $1.40 for 100 pounds.
¢ "Skating on the Wakarusa all of last week was excellent. Many enjoyed the sport."
¢ Frank Schaefer resigned as constable. Charles Richards and Ben Deck were trying for the position.
¢ C.W. Orrick began carrying the mail between Eudora, Hesper, Prairie Center and Phila.
¢ William Holmes, Michael Eder, Henry Copp and W.H. Starr were drawn to serve as jurymen at the February term of the district court.
¢ It took several hours to rescue one of Dr. Weed's valuable mares. While crossing the ice on the Little Wakarusa, the mare stepped into an air hole.
¢ Messrs. Frank and Louis Neustifter had been renting the C Street blacksmith shop and recently took possession of it.
¢ "Henry Schuette met with a painful mishap Monday. He was ascended a ladder, and was up quite a ways when it broke, precipitating Mr. Schuette with much violence to the ground. His nose was mashed flat. It was a very painful, though not a serious, hurt."
¢ Fred Schlegel, Kaw Valley, entered the German school in Eudora.
¢ Ben Harris took the last day of 1892 to move his family to Lawrence.
¢ W.J. Pearson spent the holidays with his parents at Hesper.
¢ Milton White was visiting his son in Oklahoma and did not plan to return until the snow blockage was removed.

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