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Chance for debate missed

January 25, 2007

When the filing deadline for the spring's Eudora school board and city council elections passed Tuesday, there were just enough candidates for the council to fill the three expiring terms. Barring a successful write-in campaign, the three candidates will be on the council for the next four years.
That is disappointing. It's not because of the quality of the candidates. Although time will tell us how they perform individually and as a team, they bring a mix of age, experiences, residential tenure and gender to the council.
What is disappointing is the community debate that won't happen when a fourth candidate failed to file. One needs only to look at the community forum on this newspaper's Web site or listen around the community to know there is no lack of debate in the community. It would have been good for those viewpoints to be tested among voters.
Some ideas need to win at the polls and others need to be put to bed in defeat. That won't happen now.
While they might in some measure be pleased with their de facto selection, the lack of filings puts an extra responsibility on the three candidates to articulate their vision for Eudora without the give-and-take of a campaign. It is our hope they approach the task with the same energy they were prepared to give in a competitive race.

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