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Firearms banned on city property

January 25, 2007

Susan Ashley never really liked guns.

When an envelope came to her business, Ashley Alterations and Tux Rentals, with a sign sporting a no gun symbol, she had no problems affixing it to her store window. The sign features the black silhouette of a gun inside a red circle crossed out by a diagonal line.

With it, she exercises her right to control what comes in her store. The design garnered the approval of the Kansas Attorney General's office in the wake of the Kansas Legislature passing conceal carry law last spring. She likened it to posting a "No Smoking" sign in her store.

"I don't think people think of it on a daily basis," she said.

The same no gun signs will line the entrances to public city buildings. It's no longer kosher to bring a firearm into Eudora City Hall.

The Eudora City Council passed an ordinance Monday banning firearms atall municipal buildings and public property.

"Certain cities across the state and the league (of municipalities) recommend if you want to make it clear locally that you don't want possession in any government facility or public property that you need to draft your own ordinance," Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

Beatty researched recently adopted ordinances across the state trying to find one that would work best for Eudora. She found a suitable template based on an ordinance passed in Ottawa.

Beatty presented the adapted ordinance, drafted with City Attorney Mike Book, to the council.

The ordinance bans possession of a firearm on all public properties with the exception of public right-of-way. That precludes firearms from being inside city hall, city shop areas or parks.

Councilman Scott Hopson inquired about weapons inside cars.

Beatty responded no guns were allowed in cars anyway.

Eudora Police Chief Greg Dahlem clarified it further.

"It's not concealed carry if you have a rifle or shotgun in vehicle," Dahlem said. "It's not on your person."

Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said he received a memo from the Kansas Department of Agriculture proclaiming the same ban on weapons.

His business, Pyle Meat Company, had to post the no gun sign because the state meat inspector has offices in his plant.

Dahlem said it would be up to individual businesses if more no gun signs appear in town.

During city council discussion, Eudora City Councilman Dan Gregg pointed out the signs could only do so much.

"The really bad people don't care if you have a sign or not," Gregg said.

The council passed the ordinance unanimously.

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