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What’s next for recycling?

July 5, 2007

As an environmentally conscious consumer, I was thrilled to read about Weldon Enterprises, Inc., offering curbside recycling services, even if it does mean being forced to use a company-issued trash receptacle I don't need. My 45-gallon trashcan is over seven years old, is still in great shape, and is rarely full.

I was disappointed to learn that my rates may jump to $13, which is a $3.40 increase, not the $2.50 mentioned in one of the news articles. I also was disappointed to receive new service guidelines from the city. There was no mention of curbside recycling anywhere on the information sheet.

I have to wonder if the curbside recycling will actually happen or if the citizens of Eudora are just being forced to pay more than $3 to rent oversized trash receptacles no one needs or has space for. Perhaps the city should allow citizens to build shelters for the trash receptacles by the curb so there will be no need for people to move them and to hide the unsightly things. Perhaps the city should just allow citizens to keep the trash receptacles they have; especially if they are large enough to hold a family's weekly refuse and are in good shape.

The only positive thing I've learned, if it's true, is that Mr. Weldon has arranged to have the old trash receptacles his company picks up recycled and not dumped into a landfill.

I'll be waiting on pins and needles to see how the city of Eudora continues to handle this situation.

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