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Commission recommends sign code change

July 19, 2007

City officials agree public interest signs have their place.

But public property, rights-of-way or city light poles aren't any of them.

The Eudora Planning Commission voted July 11 to support an amendment to the city sign code that designates how and where temporary signs can be displayed.

"It covers temporary signs that will be around town in advance of a public event like a bake sale or auction. That type of thing," city planning consultant Julie Hurley of Bucher, Willis and Ratliff said.

The suggested amendment to the sign code requires the sign to be for a non-profit organization. The temporary event sign can only be displayed during the week of the event and would need to be removed at the event's completion. The sign can't be up for more than a week and organizations can't advertise more than four events per year.

The city also requires proof of an organization's non-profit status.

The rules came after city codes administrator Rick Treas had several ongoing problems with temporary signs. People were leaving signs on public rights-of-way, city property and without proper permits.

"We just got it clarified, and we put some rules in there," Hurley said.

The rules also require that signs don't exceed four feet per face and have no more than two faces per sign. The height also must not exceed four feet.

If the signs are to be placed off-site, they must be at least 10 feet from the back of the curb, or at least one foot behind a sidewalk or whichever is greater.

The codes also limit how many signs can be placed for any given event.

According to the codes, no more than four signs per event would be allowed.

The placement of the signs also should not impede the flow of traffic entering or exiting a property.

In addition, the code limits one temporary sign per parcel of land, unless otherwise restricted. One additional freestanding sign may be placed per street side.

If a sign is not in compliance with the codes, the city will issue a written warning. If the signs remain, then the city removes them.

The Eudora City Council still needs to accept the amendment by ordinance to make it official.

"This will clarify it and make it easier for people to come in," Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

For more information about the current sign code and the proposed amendment, call Treas at 542-3124.

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