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Eudora USD 491 releases school supply lists for 2007-2008 year

July 19, 2007

The Eudora Schools supply lists for 2007-2008 students have been released. Supply lists per class are below.


1 plastic school box; 1 eraser; 3-4 boxes of 8 count crayons; 1 pair of Fiskar scissors; 10 glue sticks; 8 #2 pencils; 2 large boxes of tissues (Puffs, Kleenex); 1 box Ziploc bags; 3 dry erase markers; 1 box antibacterial wipes (Clorox, Lysol); 1 bottle hand sanitizer; 3-4 folders w/horizontal pockets; 3 folders with 3 brads; 1 box primary watercolors; 1 nutritious snack each month.

Replenish supplies throughout the year as needed.

First grade

1-box crayons (24 ct.); 20 #2 pencils (Papermate not preferred); 6 glue sticks; 2 large erasers; 1 pointed end Fiskar scissors; 3 plastic pocket folders with 3-hole punch; 5 pocket folders; 1-1" clear binder; 1 watercolor paints; gym shoes (may be worn to school); 4 dry erase markers; 1 box water-soluble markers; shoebox-size clear plastic box with separate lid; 3 boxes of snack crackers; addition and subtraction flashcards to 20; 1 disinfectant wipes; 1 box Kleenex; 1 pkg. of clay (any color); Girls-1 box of baby wipes and Boys-1 package of napkins.

Please label all supplies with your child's name.

Second grade

1 24-count box of crayons; 24 plain no. 2 pencils; 3 large glue sticks and 1 large glue; 2 erasers; 1 pointed-end Fiskar scissors; 1 Crayola brand watercolor paint set; 1 small school box (not shoebox size); 1 box of model magic clay; 1 wide-ruled spiral notebook; 1 package of washable classic colored markers; 4 dry erase markers; 6 file folders (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow, 2 of choice) w/horizontal pockets; Girls-1 box of sandwich-sized zipped-lock freezer bags and Boys-1 box of gallon sized zip-locked freezer bags; 2 boxes of snack crackers; 2 large box of Kleenex; 1 set of addition/subtraction flashcards; 1 container of disinfectant wipes.

Please label all supplies with your child's name.

Third grade

1 large box crayons; 40 no. 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils); 1 red ink pen; 1 blue ink pen; 1 green ink pen; 5 fine pt. dry erase markers; 12x12 or 12x14 scrapbook; 2 Mead composition books; 1 wide-rule spiral notebook; 2 lg. glue (no colored glue); 1 glue stick; 1 ruler (inches/centimeters) colored pencils; 1 water color paint set; 3 boxes Kleenex; 1 pair scissors; 2 erasers; 2 pkgs. wide-ruled notebook paper; 1 set water soluble markers; 1 school bag; 1 clipboard; 2 packs colored Post-it notes; 1 small school box; 2 boxes crackers (any flavor); 1 box gallon Ziploc freezer bags; 1 box quart sized sandwich bags; 2 highlighters; addition, subtraction, and multiplication flash cards; gym shoes (may be worn to school).

Please label all supplies with your child's name.

Fourth grade

1 box crayons; 2 glue sticks; 1 bottle glue (no colored glue); 1 box colored pencils; 2 red marking ball point pens; 1 black permanent Sharpie marker; 1 pair scissors; 2 spiral notebooks for journaling; 2 pkgs. wide line notebook paper; 1 box letter envelopes; 20 no. 2 lead pencils (no mechanical pencils); 1 large eraser; 1 ruler; 2 sets magic markers; 2 large boxes of Kleenex; 4 Expo dry erase markers; 7 folders with pockets (1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 orange, and 1 blue and two others of your choice); 1 school box; 2 pkg. 3x5 lined index cards; 1 watercolor paint set; 1 pack Post-It notes; 1 box of baggies (boys bring gallon size, girls bring sandwich size); multiplication and division flash cards; 1 three-ring binder; 1 set of tab dividers to organize binder gym shoes (may be worn to school).

Please label all supplies with your child's name. Also, please replenish supplies throughout the year as needed.

Fifth grade

1 two-inch binder; 1 pkg. subject dividers to organize binder; 1 box of 64 crayons; 20 no. 2 lead pencils; 1 pkg. pencil top erasers; 1 lg. box colored pencils; 3 pkgs. wide line notebook paper; 7 three-holed pocket folders; 2 black Flair pens; 2 erasable pens; 2 highlighters; 1 cm and inch ruler (not soft or bendable); 1 pair of adult scissors; 1 lg. eraser; 2 boxes of Kleenex; 1 set washable markers; 1 spiral notebook (5 section) with around 200 pages; 1 single subject spiral notebook; 4 glue sticks; 1 large bottle of white glue; 2 red pens for grading; 1 set of dry erase markers and eraser; 2 pads sticky notes; 1 pkg. lined index cards; 1 plastic school supply bag (or envelope) to fit in binder or desk; multiplication and division flash cards; gym shoes (may be worn to school).

Please label all supplies with child's name. ¢NO TRAPPER KEEPERS

Sixth grade

1 box colored pencils; 6 no. 2 pencils; wide line notebook paper; 2 erasable ball point pens; 1 ruler; 1 pair adult scissors; 1 eraser; 2 large boxes Kleenex; 1 set magic markers; 2 red pens; 2 glue sticks; 5 spiral notebooks; 5 pocket folders; 1 dry erase marker eraser; 1 box dry erase markers (4 colored set); 1 Scotch tape; Trapper Keeper with pencil organizer or pencil pouch; Composition notebook for choir; gym shoes (may be worn to school). Please replenish supplies throughout the year as needed.

Seventh and eighth grades

3 (1") three ring binder with tab dividers; Trapper Keeper large enough to hold paper as well as a folder for each class; 7 file folders with pockets; notebook paper; 1 notebook of 100+ pages; 1 notebook of 200+ pages; 1 large eraser; 2 boxes of 12 colored pencils; no. 2 lead pencils; 2 black ball point pens; 2 glue sticks; 1 ruler; 2 large boxes Kleenex; 2 sets magic markers; 6 spiral notebooks; highlighters; dry erase markers; 4 red ballpoint pens; adult scissors; Texas Instrument scientific calculator for seventh- and eighth-graders.

Students taking physical training: Gym shoes and gym clothes.

Students taking Family and Consumer Science: 4x6 index cards, sewing materials (explained later).

Students taking Choir I and II: Pencil and composition notebook.

Please be sure to label all supplies.

The supply lists are available on the district's Web site,

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