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Still willing to serve

July 26, 2007

I would like to tell the citizens of Eudora and Eudora Township goodbye. Since the merger of EEMS has been finalized as of this past Sunday, I no longer will be responding to emergency medical calls. As of this time, I have not been accepted to the new Eudora Community Emergency Medical Services.

Other then standing up for what I believed in or standing up for improving care, I do not know why I was not accepted.

Some people say that I broke rules and regulations. I wish that this was true because then I would know why I was turned down to continue volunteering. My patient care record is impeccable and unblemished. I have been in the volunteer fire service for 15 years, and I have been in the volunteer medical service for two-and-a-half years. All of the medical service time has been served here in Eudora. I have worked with some great medical volunteers. Some of these volunteers have forgotten more then I ever will know. All of us in our own little world were family but not likely to be picked as family of the year.

We fought. We cussed. We cried. But when it came down to what was the most important, we cared.

I have lost a lot of sleep because of medical calls. I have had to shorten my vacations because of my dedication to the old EEMS. I have been ridiculed and watched like a hawk because of the old EEMS service. The scary part of it is, I am going to miss it.

In the time that I have spent with the old EEMS, I have had a person look into my eyes as he lay there dying from injuries he incurred in a car accident. I cried for hours. I also have had two different gentlemen who when they were being taken away in the ambulance, they had a pulse, which they did not have when I arrived on the scene of the 911 call. Once again, I cried for hours. But the tears were different in both cases.

This has been taken away from me. I am going to miss it.

I really hope that whose ever toes that it was that I stepped on, will forgive me. I would hope that you would stand back and look at what I have to offer to the new group. I would fight for the new group just as hard as I fought for my old group. I would be just as dedicated to the new group as I was my old group.

In closing, I want to thank the people who have come to me and have given me words of encouragement. I don't know 75 percent of you, but I guess you know me and that means a lot to me.

To my old group, always remember, BSI, scene safe. If any of you ever need me for any reason, even if it is for just a good argument, swing by my house. I will be there for you.

I hope I will be back soon. Good luck.

Doug Rhoads

Assistant director of the former

Eudora Emergency Medical Services

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