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Eudora tops 6,000

June 28, 2007

Upon re-examination, the U.S. Census Bureau apparently thinks Eudora's population has eclipsed the 6,000-population threshold.

According to an estimate released by the Census Bureau Thursday, Eudora's population climbed by 244 people from July 2005 to July 2006 to reflect an estimated population of 6,027.

In all, the numbers reflect a 5.13 percent spike from July 1, 2005, when the bureau estimates the city had a population of 5,733.

If the totals seem higher than last year, there's a reason. The new bureau estimates reflect a large readjustment from last year.

The census report last June estimated Eudora's July 1, 2005, population at 5,284.

Matthew Milbrodt, an information services specialist at the Census Bureau's Kansas City office, said he doesn't exactly know the reason for the jump.

"Evidently, they must have gotten some building permits or something there that maybe they were lacking over the last couple years," Milbrodt said.

Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said the bureau's new estimates were overdue.

"If we're over 6,000 I feel good about that," Pyle said.

The totals could actually be a little higher, Pyle said.

"I'd really think we're around 6,400 but I'm not going to quibble 300 people," Pyle said.

The rapid growth may be a thing of the past.

In 2005, the city issued 108 single-family building permits.

That activity slowed significantly last year with the city issuing 25 building permits for new single-family homes and two building permits for town homes or duplexes.

As of May, the city has had only six new permits issued for single-family homes.

Pyle predicted there would be an upswing in the housing market.

"I think the people in Eudora are getting ready to break out of the slowdown in housing, Pyle said. "I feel very optimistic."

Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty shared Pyle's view that this year's census estimate more accurately portrayed the city's population..

"I figured we were getting close," Beatty said.

The city's estimated growth rate outstripped both Baldwin (3.1 percent) and De Soto (1.17 percent) this year.

Tonganoxie outpaced Eudora's population growth rate by expanding by 8.4 percent.

"Next year, I really look for Eudora to grow," Pyle said.

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