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New staffers should improve quality of life

March 22, 2007

Local government budgets are all too often viewed as impersonal. There's a line with the final expenditure total and another with the expected revenue. Another line provides the mill levy that would produce a given amount of revenue, from which readers can calculate what it is going to cost them.

The expenditure total is personnel because much of it represents the salaries and benefits of staff. In the case of the city of Eudora, expenditures represents the people who clear the streets when it snows, repair electrical lines in ice storms and fix water lines broken as the ground thaws or freezes.

A growing city means growing budgets and Eudora City Hall is responding to the need for added services.

The city has hired its first police detective. For some, it may be disconcerting that there is enough crime in Eudora to require the hiring of a full-time investigator. But, it should also be viewed as a positive step because the detective will prevent crime by providing answers to past incidents and following up on tips the department might have been forced to put aside in the past.

The city has also hired its first parks maintenance supervisor. In the past, the city's parks and recreation director was expected to run the city's recreation programs and maintain park grounds and equipment.

The change is a reflection of the growth in recreation programs that will increase with the completion of the Eudora Community and Aquatic Center. The two facilities and the hiring of the grounds supervisor has parks director Tammy Hodges promoting a host of activities that can enrich the lives of all Eudorans, regardless of age.

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