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City to crack down on illegal signs

March 29, 2007

After approving a revamped sign code in January, city officials are continuing to spread awareness about the new rules.

The new codes encompass rules for all signs, including residential, business and the restrictions for billboard signs on Kansas Highway 10.

All sign installations have to be approved by city codes administrator Rick Treas.

The biggest issue facing the enforcement of the codes is rooting out illegally placed temporary signs within city limits, Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

"The council and Rick and I are trying to clean things up so we'll be like other cities," Beatty said.

In particular, Treas and Beatty are trying to remove signs placed in the public right of way, she said.

"It's just a good time to put signs away," Beatty said.

The prohibition includes real estate, one-shot or "snipe" signs, political and community signs.

The same rule extends to city property. Specifically, she and Treas want to eradicate signs posted on city utility poles, Beatty said.

"Any signs on poles or on city property that don't belong there will get taken down with no notice. They'll just be taken down," Beatty said.

The city will keep the illegal signs for 10 days before disposing of them, Beatty said.

"This is not a change in the code," she said.

The city wants to remind people that there are places where people can and can't place signs, Beatty said.

"We're kind of letting people know we're going to be strictly enforcing the rules and take (signs) down when they are in places they're not supposed to be," Beatty said.

Beatty and Treas are making the push for economic and safety reasons.

If on a utility pole, the nails used to attach the temporary signs can damage the pole's structure. The poles cost $300 to $500 each to replace, Beatty said

The nails are also a safety hazard for city linemen, Beatty said.

"If a lineman needs to climb a pole, their cleats get stuck and caught on nails and it can make them fall," Beatty said. "I'm sure people don't want to see the lineman fall 20 to 30 feet to their death."

Anyone wishing to put up a sign must have a permit before installation.

For more information regarding the city's sign code or what constitutes a legal temporary sign, call Treas at 542-3124.

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