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Letter: Support teachers

May 3, 2007

We all have a favorite teacher. For me, that person was Mrs. Doris Everest. Mrs. Everest had the perfect balance of kindness and determination -- challenging me to be the absolute best I could be and always supporting me when I needed extra help.

Few professionals touch the lives of as many people as teachers do. That's why we take time during the first full week of May, to honor and celebrate the work that educators do in our schools and communities.

National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week draw attention to the crucial role teachers play in making sure every child receives a quality education and highlights the hard work they do each day to challenge and inspire their students so every child reaches their full potential.

This week is a time for all of us -- students, parents, school administrators and general public alike -- to take a moment and thank teachers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

I hope you will join me in thanking our teachers for everything they do.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore


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