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Check out trash containers

May 24, 2007

Everyone needs to be aware of the new trash container ordinance the city of Eudora is proposing. I was at City Hall May 9 to pay my bill, and they had two different sizes of trash containers on display. All Eudora residents should take the opportunity to visit City Hall and become acquainted with the new trash containers.

Also, please be aware that -- as I understand it -- your trash will not be picked up unless it is in one of the new containers, even if you only have one small grocery bag of trash.

If you are physically impaired in any way or have a steep driveway or live on a slope, good luck getting it up or down your driveway in ice and snow. They have to be stored on the side or the back of your home or in the garage because the new ordinance states the containers can't be left on the street. You could face a fine.

The containers do no look like they will last under stress. If these new containers do not hold up, who will be responsible for their replacement? Will that be another cost for the customer?

The added cost of the trash bill may not seem like much, but can be quite a burden to some on fixed incomes.

If city officials want to beautify Eudora, they should start with abandoned homes and neglected yards filled with trash and junk inoperable cars. If present ordinances were enforced, it would do much to beautify our town.

I hope it is not too late for city officials to consider our concerns.

Ruth Schneider


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