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New trash program passed

May 31, 2007

By September, the random trash sacks and containers currently lining the streets on trash day will be a thing of the past.

They will be replaced with 95-gallon containers supplied by Weldon Enterprises Inc.

The Eudora City Council voted Tuesday to accept a plan that will standardize the city's trash containers and establish both recycling and yard waste drop off points within the city.

The council adopted the plan in two separate ordinances.

The first ordinance updated the city's code. The second ordinance amended the city's contract with Weldon Enterprises. The contract will last for five years.

To pay for the new services, trash rates for most citizens will jump to $13 per month. Part of the rate hike will go toward water system improvements needed to establish a city compost pile.

The city will also offer a discounted rate of $11 to senior citizens. Citizens could acquire an additional container for $3 per month.

Beatty presented a similar plan in April that met with public concern.

The concern continued Tuesday during public comment.

"I don't want to be forced to have to use one of these things. I don't think I need it," John Scott said. "I don't like to be legislated into that type of thing. Bottom line is ---- don't make me do it."

Sharon Burn-Bohm had a concern both about the size of the 95-gallon can and the effect it might have on the elderly who might not be able to haul it from their house to the curb.

"I'm here basically on their behalf, then I realize for myself, I'm here for my own behalf," Burns-Bohm said. don't think it will fit in my garage."

Burns-Bohm also expressed doubts concerning how the containers will make the city look.

"Personally, I don't want to drive down the street and see a bunch of the containers in everybody's yard," she said.

The new containers would keep animals out and create uniformity, Greg Weldon of Weldon Enterprises said.

"If there's someone that's disabled, tell them to give us a call, give the city a call and we can make arrangements," Weldon said.

The council also heard arguments that the new rate would be unfair to those who don't produce 95 gallons worth of trash per month.

In order to address the public's concerns, Beatty presented the council with a plan that allows disabled or elderly a discount or a smaller can. Those looking to make use of the exceptions would go through an application process.

The new ordinance also requires citizens to have brown bags especially for yard waste.

The waste will eventually go to the city's compost pile.

Soon, landfills won't take yard waste at all, Beatty said.

Weldon will also supply citizens with recycling bins.

"The city will be supplying a site to put those. It's best to keep those under lock and key in the evening so we don't have a bunch of illegal dumping," Weldon said.

Weldon Enterprises will use the proceeds from the aluminum collected to support local programs, Weldon said.

The new containers should arrive somewhere in an August-September timeframe, Beatty said.

Councilman Fred Stewart voted against both ordinances.

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