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Pheasant season starts Nov. 7

November 1, 2007

Pheasant season -- perhaps Kansas' most popular hunt -- will open Nov. 7 and continue through Jan. 31. Kansas ranks high among states for pheasant production and attracts hunters from across the nation.

Quail season will open the following Saturday, and continue through Jan 20.

Season dates for prairie chickens are similar to last fall. The regular season is divided into three units -- Northwest (north of I-70 and west of U.S. 281) and East (all of Kansas east of U.S. 281) will run Nov. 17 to Jan. 31 with a daily bag limit of two, and Southwest (south of I-70 and west of U.S. 281) will be Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 with a daily bag limit of one.

Fall turkey seasons run through Nov. 27, Dec. 10-31 and Jan. 7-31.

Canada goose season will run Nov. 7 to Feb. 17. White-fronted goose seasons are Nov. 7 to Jan. 6 and Feb. 9-17. Light goose season is Nov. 7 to Feb. 17. Additionally, a conservation order allows hunting of light geese from Feb. 18 through April 30.

Duck season dates are:

  • High Plains Zone -- Through Jan. 1 and Jan. 19-27.
  • Early Zone -- Through Dec. 9 and Dec. 15-30.
  • Late Zone -- Through Dec. 30 and Jan. 19-27.

Sandhill crane season will open Nov. 7 and continue through Jan. 3. Hunters must use special caution in the state's central corridor, where protected whooping cranes also migrate.

An opportunity to take doves still remains, as well, with a Nov. 1-16 dove season.

Deer seasons are:

  • archery -- Through Dec. 31.
  • firearms -- Nov. 28 to Dec. 9.
  • extended whitetail antlerless (selected units) -- Jan. 1-6.
  • extended archery (Unit 19 only that includes most of Douglas County) -- Jan. 7-31.

While deer seasons are similar to last year's, there are two notable changes. First, the extended season for whitetail antlerless deer was reduced from seven days last season to six days. Also, whitetail antlerless game tags are authorized in two additional units (1 and 2, located in northwest Kansas).

Kansas hunting seasons

Through Nov. 27 -- Fall turkey (first segment)

Through Dec. 9 -- Ducks (low plains early zone first segment)

Through Dec. 30 -- Ducks (low plains late zone first segment)

Through Dec. 31 -- Archery deer

Through Jan. 1 -- Ducks (high plains first segment)

Nov. 1-16 -- Dove (second segment)

Nov. 3 to Jan. 31 -- Pheasant

Nov. 7 to Feb. 17 -- Canada geese (second segment)

Nov. 7 to Jan. 6 -- White-fronted and light geese (second segment)

Nov. 10 to Jan. 19 -- Quail

Nov. 17 to Jan. 31 -- Prairie chicken (east and northwest zones)

Nov. 28 to Dec. 9 -- Firearms deer

Dec. 10-31 -- Fall turkey (second segment)

Dec. 15-30 -- Ducks (low plains second segment)

Jan. 1-6 -- Special whitetail antlerless-only (specified units)

Jan. 7-31 -- Fall turkey (third segment)

Jan. 19-27 -- Ducks (second segment)

Feb. 9-17 -- White-fronted and light geese (third segment).

Through Feb. 28 -- Squirrel

Open year-round -- Rabbit/hare

Note: Check regulations for boundary, limit and permit requirements at

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