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Charter ordinance passes

November 8, 2007

Not to be lost in the shuffle of the $45 million school bond question, Charter Ordinance No. 10 also was approved by a measure of 602-542. The ordinance allows the mayor -- upon approval of the city council -- to appoint department heads for two years instead of one year.
The measure was approved by the Eudora City Council in September, but City Councilman Bill Whitten voted against the measure and then started a successful protest petition drive that resulted in the measure landing on the ballot.
Eudora Mayor Tom Pyle said he would have liked to see the question approved by a larger margin, but he still was pleased with the results.
"It's like when you were growing up and you'd get a piece of pie and it was never big enough, and I guess that's just human nature, but I'm happy with it," Pyle said.
Pyle said that the results mean the most to those who are department heads.
"I think that we've got a lot of happy people -- the fire chief, the director of parks and recreation, the police chief, the city administrator," he said. "Now I can appoint them for two years so they know they've got some (job) safety.
Though Whitten wasn't necessarily pleased with the outcome, he was pleased with the number of residents who voted.
"It will always be a concern, but the voters voted for it and it will be their money that pays for any problems," he said. "But I was really glad to see the turnout. I want to thank everyone for coming out to vote."
Whitten also said that the there are other issues for the city council to deal with which he now will concern himself.
"There's more business at hand, and I'm not going to dwell on the past," he said.
Pyle said that he will discuss the timetable for adding a year onto the contracts of certain department heads at the city council meeting on Tuesday.

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