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Enjoying the last days of autumn

November 8, 2007

I went for a bike ride Sunday. It was a beautiful day in the 70s, so I took advantage of what may be the last of our lingering warm autumn days. Since I was gone for two weeks and then had the flu for a couple of weeks, I haven't felt much like doing anything except spending time on the couch with a book or watching Ellen or Oprah. It felt good to stretch my legs and my lungs and take in the vanishing beauty of the season.

Eudora is so quiet on Sunday. As I rode through the streets there were not many stirring, probably watching football, but the park had youngsters on the slide and a watchful dad doing his Sunday thing. Another lone bike rider asked me where I ride, and I assured her I ride only the straight streets now with no hills.

I found myself hoping that everyone was enjoying this beautiful day. I hope no one spent the entire weekend in the house working, and if so that they found some time with their children even it's just an hour with a board game. You may not be into it, but they are.

If you did work, I hope it meant working outside getting ready for the winter. I pulled up the last of my petunias and marigolds. It was hard to do as they were still blooming or at least trying to. Matthew Fulks trimmed all the bushes, and Gabe Cleveland mowed the yard today probably for the last time this year.

Speaking of "last times" I'm sure we were all disappointed that our Eudora Cards football team didn't make it to the playoffs. Everyone was so sure that this was our year, but it was not meant to be. The losing game against Baldwin was especially painful, and I noticed that Baldwin advanced to the sectional round. It should have been us, but we enjoyed another winning season, and we enjoyed each game along the way -- it just ended too soon -- winning is never assured. Which makes me think of Jayhawks' trouncing of Nebraska on Saturday? What a switch.

I hope you have watched the leaves change into crimson and orange and that perhaps you have wandered down to the park on Main Street to check out our new statue. Tom Tucker was there last Sunday raking leaves when my son and I looked for my brick. Tom can't seem to tear himself away from that project, but then it has been a consuming passion of his for a long time now. Wonder what will be his next project...

This weekend we "fell back" in daylight-saving time so today it will be dark by 5 or 5:30 p.m. Nature is getting ready for its long winter nap. A gentle nap would be good, Mother Nature, preferably one without ice. Snow is good if it's timely around Christmas so we can all get that holiday buzz, but ice is never good. I see that Eddie Bauer has a new mitten with ice scraper attached. Sounds good to me. I think I'll add it to my ever growing collection of scrapers that seem to pile up in my car under the seats.

Speaking of Mother Nature and her vicissitudes, I really enjoyed Elvyn Jones' column last week about the wind in Kansas. I must confess I have never been enamored with the wind since riding home against it on my bike when I was in grammar school. It sounds romantic as in "sweeping down the way" from the song and play "Oklahoma" and in yet another song, "They Called the Wind Maria" from another musical which I cannot now name. Wind truly is a huge force to be reckoned with, but I only appreciate it on a really hot day in the summer when it rolls in accompanied by dark clouds bringing much needed rain.

I saw U-Haul trailers at the Gerstenberger's house on the hill yesterday and today. It was nice to see a light on there last night so I guess the new owner is in residence. It's good to have someone there again. The old house had been vacant too long.

I hope everyone went to their voting place this past Tuesday to decide the fate of the School Bond Issue. Now we can move on and hopefully have some direction on what is in store for our children in the years to come.

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