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City council approves two traffic studies

November 15, 2007

Eudora City Council approved Tuesday traffic studies to evaluate the intersection of Church and 23rd streets at Eudora High School as well as 10th Street because of the proposed Deer Valley development, the TIF district, the Intech Business Park and the new elementary school that will be built in the area of 10th and Peach street.

The study done at the intersection of Church Street and 23rd Street will be done in order to ascertain whether or not a stoplight is needed. Earlier reports suggested that a stoplight was not immediately needed, but most likely would be if the school bond passed as a result of the completion in the fall of 2010 of a new stadium, auditorium and technical career program center.

The study will include a 24-hour traffic volume data collection over the span of 10 days throughout a typical week and two weekends; a pedestrian analysis during peak hours to estimate the average number of students who cross Church Street from the high school to the Meadowlark subdivision and project student crossings associated with the future development of Meadowlark No. 3; traffic forecasting based on past growth of Eudora; and a traffic signal warrant analysis.

The cost of the study will be a total of $6,500, with Douglas County Public Works Department paying $3,000, the Eudora School District paying $1,750 and the City of Eudora paying $1,750.

The study done along 10th Street Corridor would include a 24-hour traffic volume data collection at four locations on 10th Street and one location on Peach Street at peak times during the morning and the evening; an analysis of existing roadways and intersections to establish the capacity and adequacy of traffic operations; 10 and 20 years traffic forecasts; and a traffic analysis to investigate future lane configurations.

The cost of the study will be no more than $11,000, but its approval was contingent upon verification that the Eudora School District and the TIF district will help fund the study.

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