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City should provide more recycling options

November 29, 2007

In September, Weldon Industries introduced its new 95-gallon-capacity wheeled trash containers to its Eudora customers. The Eudora City Council approved the change in the company trash contract with the city in June.

Ninety-five gallons is a lot of trash, and the new containers should have plenty of capacity if residents break down boxes and recycle. And, in fact, a Weldon representative recently told the De Soto City Council, which approved a contract introducing the 95-gallon containers in that city, that the containers were meant, in part, to encourage use of the recycling bin service Weldon provides in that city.

Unfortunately, Eudora doesn't have a single-stop recycling site and while there are bins to recycle paper at schools and one place for aluminum cans, there is no single catchall site. Furthermore, there is nowhere in town to recycle chipboard, plastic or cans other than aluminum.

With the added pressure to recycle from the new containers, that needs to be addressed. And the new trash containers is likely only the start as we all face additional pressure to recycle as current landfills near capacity.

We would encourage the Eudora City Council in cooperation with the organizations that benefit from current recycling efforts to consider how a one-stop recycling site could be provided. Curb-side recycling is probably a long way off in Eudora, but recycling shouldn't involve a trip out of town. It needs to be encouraged and made as convenient as possible, especially as gas prices add another consideration to many household duties.

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