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The fly route

November 29, 2007

I avoided the topic of Kansas football as if it were the plague through much of this season not just because the Jayhawks run through the Big 12 mortified me. More so, it just shocked me.

What was there to say?

There's something to be said for showing up every week -- a lot to be said for it, actually -- but there weren't a lot of opportunities to add insight with KU orbiting so far above earth.

Well, an 11-1 record isn't a whole lot closer to terra firma, but finally in Saturday's Kansas-Missouri clash things cleared up a little.

  • First, Todd Reesing's a good quarterback, obviously, but it'd be very interesting to see him play on another team. The announcers for Saturday's game did Reesing no favors, repeatedly pointing out that all of his reads were being signaled in from the sideline before the snap.

They went further, too, explaining that the coaches didn't want any part of Reesing making audibles and similar decisions by himself.

That hardly seems fair considering the consistency with which the sophomore played all season, but it is interesting. Is the genius between Reesing's ears, is it in his arm or is all of it deftly hidden in the pre-snap signals he observes on the sideline?

No doubt there's no real answer to that question. It has to be some of every option. He's smart, he's got a good arm and he's being very well coached.

Heisman talk will evade him until he proves he can work more on his own, however. Chase Daniel went a long way Saturday toward locking up this year's trophy by adapting on the fly, repeatedly burning the Hawks with his feet and on broken plays.

Plus, just imagine Reesing trying to accept the trophy -- shelve those short jokes, for now. How could he ever make it through a speech when he had to look to his assistants 25 times to know exactly what to say?

He has two more years to figure it out, so if he really has Big 12 championship quarterbacking buried in him, it will undoubtedly surface.

  • Speaking of quarterbacks, when did the Big 12's get so darn good?

For a conference that was labeled weak even as Texas was winning the 2005 BCS Championship, things are looking up thanks to most of the best signal callers in the league.

In addition to Daniel, Graham Harrell is have a ridiculious year at Texas Tech, even by Texas Tech standards. His 5,298 passing yards isn't the most by a Mike Leach-coached quarterback, but it's still more than 200 more than Dan Marino threw in four more games of his record-setting 1984 National Football League season.

We've already covered Reesing. Josh Freeman was All-Big 12 honorable mention. Stephen McGee was good at Texas A&M. Colt McCoy could have been the conference's offensive player of the year last year as a freshman and Oklahoma freshman Sam Bradford has thrown for a sickening 32 touchdowns with the championship game still to play.

They're all coming back, too -- every single one of them.

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