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Weekend to teach Eudora’s history remains relevant

October 4, 2007

We'll take a quick swing at the guess-Eudora's-population contest being conducted in conjuction with Saturday's time capsule's burial. Our guess is the city will grow to 33,000 in 2057.

That was fun. And it must be said the time capsule concept, especially the idea to encourage present residents to leave notes for their young descendents to read when the capsule in unearthed in 50 years, is an inspired way to bring to all the central idea of the city's sesquicentennial that the past is still revelant.

It is a truly unique opportunity to touch the future conceived by Tom Tucker, who has done so much to make this weekend and year special.

But it is just part of a weekend of memories. That's fitting as the community caps its observation of its 150th birthday by piggybacking two days of sesquicentennial events on the annual EudoraFest.

It will be two days of remembering the people and events of Eudora's past. The efforts of Fern Long, Cindy Higgins and many on the Eudora Area Historical Society have done much to bring Eudora's past alive. We can imagine the ghosts of those made real to us in the pictures from the early 1900s loaned to the newspaper by the historical society watching the events unfold and musing about the changes they have seen in the past 100 years.

We can imagine ourselves as among those ghosts when the time capsule again is exposed to daylight and today's youngsters, then more the middle aged, are flooded with memories as they read messages left to them by their mothers, fathers and grandparents.

In all, it will be a weekend that blends reflections on the city's past and future that should leave all with a better understanding for where it's at in the present.

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