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Sesquicentennial contest notes

October 11, 2007

Editor's note: Results from Saturday's EudoraFest contests will run in next week's issue.

Longest Hair

First place -- Brenda Long

Second place -- Sherry Grimm

Third place -- Elizabeth Seele

  • Longest beard

First place -- Frank Henricks

Second place -- Raymond Steffen

Third place -- Rob Thomason

  • Pie baking contest (Apple)

First place -- Carol Roper

Second place -- Janet Taylor

Third place -- Betty Thoennes

  • Pie baking contest (Chocolate)

First place -- Janet Taylor

Second place -- Donna Oleson

Third place -- Sandra Walls

  • Punt, pass and kick (7-years-old and younger)

First place -- Vance Weber

Second place ------ Alex Brown

  • Punt, pass and kick (8-years-old and older)

First place tie ------ Nick Becker and Sam Merrill

Third place ------ Zack Bagwell

  • Photo contest (Flora)

First place ------ Tami Klinedinst and Fabian Fernandez

Second place -- Tracy Waage

Third place -- Baylee Schmeck

  • Photo contest (People)

First place -- Tim Beatty

Second place -- Mike Oleson

Third place -- Donna Oleson

  • Photo contest (Places)

First place -- Donna Oleson

Second place -- Tim Beatty

Third place -- Janet Taylor

  • Eudora/De Soto Technical Education Center cake baking contest

First place -- Kelsie Riser, Dustin True and Britney Samuels "Signs of Eudora"

Second place -- Derek Scrimsher "Statue"

Third place -- Carl Austin Abram and Nathan Gammon "Laws Field"

  • Nail driving Contest

Champion -- Stuart Wyatt--

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