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Yarnell’s award signals excellence district standard

September 6, 2007

Two times in recent years, the newspaper has received messages praising the work of Eudora Middle School and High School choir director Angela Yarnell. What was impressive was that both times, people -- who weren't parents or grandparents -- raved about the performance of her students and how the performances were thoroughly entertaining, professional and must-sees.

We weren't surprised then that the Kansas Choral Directors Association named Yarnell, who has been with the district since 2002, the Kansas Choir Young Director of the year for 2007. The honor seems to confirm her gift for educating students.

Like their counterparts in sports, music students bravely display their skills before observers. They, too, compete at music festivals for honors and recognition. But the status and recognition coaches, especially successful coaches, gain in the community rarely spreads to those teaching the performing arts. Newspapers don't have weekly special sections devoted to choir or band and don't quote the instructors regularly on the progress of their students, nor do regional publications put together all-band teams.

That's why we appreciate the opportunity to recognize Yarnell and her teaching methods. It also assures parents the their children are getting well-rounded educations and that the district is as serious about having a first-class choir as it as about having a championship football or volleyball team.

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