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Grandson puts football on the agenda

September 7, 2007

Temperatures were still in the 90s this Labor Day Weekend, sending families to lakes or the pool.

There was not much happening around my house except I have a sore toe and my printer is refusing to work occasionally -- like right now. The worst thing is I never know when it's going down, but it's usually in the middle of something I need ASAP. I've turned it off between printings when it signals that the fan is not working, hoping not to set fire to my computer closet. After a rest, it chugs into working mode again accompanied by much noise and creaking so I sort of sneak up on it and quickly type whatever I need and hit print. Sometimes it works and I can get a few copies but other times it balks and flashes "Need Service, Need Service." I feel it's playing a game with me. Funny how it has become a challenge to see which one of us will win.

I've even taken to praying over it at the suggestion of my sister-in-law and asking the intercession of St. Jude who is the patron saint of hopeless cases. I haven't resorted to swearing at it (well, not too loudly) but I have considered a chain saw. My computer friend, Tim Sanders of Sanders Software, says the old thing truly is a dinosaur and that no parts -- no nothing -- can be had to savage it. He says a new one costs about $300 but after recent physical therapy on my knee and my new ailment (sore toe) I'm feeling very strapped for funds.

Sports are the Scene:

Eudora's high school football team won its first football game, "hammering Osawatomie" The Lawrence Journal World headline said. The soccer team is not as lucky but was still "plucky," (pardon the rhyme) and the volley ball girls are again on a winning roll. Emily Ballock will be able to pursue more than one sport this year -- cross country and cheerleading largely to her persistent Mom, LaDonna, who refused to give up getting a policy in place that will allow other students to do the same in the future.

Lawrence High, Free State as well as Baldwin lost their opening football games; however, Baldwin got great play in the Lawrence Journal World this week with Tom Keegan's column about the antics of their Baker basketball coach, Rick Weaver. Weaver, who is also the father of a Baldwin High school football player, in order to raise attendance at the high school game promoted everything from selling T-shirts to arranging for sky divers to jump from an airplane to deliver the first football of the season.

With 2,500 in attendance, the event looked like a winner even if the team lost to Gardner. Wonder if this will be part of Eudora's game with them on October 25th at Baldwin? If so, it sounds like fun.

More sports: Once again I have a reason to attend junior high football. My grandson, Gabe Cleveland, a seventh-grader, is playing with Eudora Middle School's team this year, and he and I are both looking forward to his games. On Oct. 2, his team will play Ottawa's junior high team which is being coached by my son, Mark Laws, who has returned to coaching football this year.

Watching Mark play flag football in Pomona when he was an eighth-grader, sparked my interest in the sport. I had a ho hum attitude until I happened onto one of Mark's games just in time to see him run the length of the field for a touchdown.

After that I attended both the high school and college games of Mark and his brother Cord, but it wasn't always comfortable being on the sidelines.

One memory was of watching one of Cord's Emporia State games played against Baker at Baldwin with my very young granddaughter at my side. She turned to me and asked, "Why do they keep hurting Uncle Cordie?" I think he had the same question.

Now I must try to resurrect my pesky printer long enough to print this and then retire to the back patio to soak my sore toe again. That's been my excitement this Labor Day Weekend.

See you at the games.


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