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Flower shop makes downtown return

September 13, 2007

A $1 bill is framed on a wall behind the counter at Broers Flower Shop, 729 Main St.

The dollar came from an order on the newly re-opened shop's first day of business Sept. 4. It was the first for new owner Heather Noble and it marks a new chapter in flower shop's time in Eudora.

"You have to frame your first dollar," Noble said.

It's also marked the shops return to Main Street after a seven-month hiatus.

February frost

Everything seemed in line for former owner Sharon Reynolds. At the end of January, she had her store's old location, 714 Main Street, about packed up and a new location down the street picked out.

The refrigeration system used to store flowers was disassembled.

"It's like a multi-thousand-dollar puzzle," Reynolds said.

The move had to be quick, because the biggest day of the year for a flower shop, Valentine's Day, neared.

Reynolds waited for the go ahead to start the move, but it never came.

"It was just horrible trying to find a place," she said.

In the end, Reynolds decided to leave Eudora. She also operates Owens Flower Shop, 846 Indiana St., in Lawrence.

She kept the Broers number and did business with Eudora clients at her Lawrence shop, but the actual Broers Store was gone.

Spring thaw

Reynolds never gave up hope of returning Broers to town.

An opportunity came in March, when Noble approached her with the possibility of buying the business.

At the time, Noble had little experience running a flower shop. To learn, she apprenticed with Reynolds one day a week until she learned every aspect of the shop.

"We did a full training," Reynolds said.

Noble realized the shop's importance to both the community and to Main Street, she said.

"I think Eudora really needs a flower shop," she said. "I think it was something that was missing. I really wanted to bring that back."

During her training, Noble learned everything from care of the flowers to keeping track of inventory and how to create floral arrangements.

All the aspects fit. Noble had always occupied herself by doing creative things, she said. In the past she helped design a floral arrangement for a family member's wedding, she said.

"It's always been one of those little talents I seem to have," she said.

After training Noble for about six months, the time came to bring the shop back to town.

Anniversary after all

It was an arrangement of roses and stargazer lilies.

The first flowers sold in Broers' new location happened not long after the doors opened.

"I'm real happy the store is open again," Reynolds said.

The new location will offer floral arrangements, greeting cards, corsages and contains an online shop.

Broers Flower Shop will also celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

The shop and name maintain an important connection to the community, Noble said.

"We just wanted to pick up where the last owners left off," Noble said. "If it's gone for that long of a time, maybe I can continue for another 30 years."

For more information, call the shop at 542-2265.

"It's a Eudora tradition," Reynolds said.

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