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Unpacking ideas before taking flight

September 20, 2007

Homecoming was celebrated this past weekend with the Cardinals football win over Wellsville, and the homecoming parade that found a few of us seniors riding the "Vote Yes for the November bond issue" float concerning our schools. That was fun. Norbert and Margaret Grosdidier, Helen and Jay Grosdidier, Mary Ann Stewart and I were representatives of the senior population who support the bond.
If you don't know the details of the issue, be sure to attend one of the upcoming meetings in your neighborhood or nearest school. We owe it to our kids to at least listen to the proposals, and if you are against it, you might find that you have changed your mind. Many of us can't change what is happening in the world today, but we can try to ensure that our children have the opportunity and the education to have their chance to do so.
In my last column, I told you that I am feeling very poor lately. Perhaps some of this has to do with the fact that I am off on another trip the end of this month. I signed onto this about a year ago and now I am having buyer's remorse. With no backing out now, and thinking about the upcoming flight which involves long hours over the ocean (I can't swim), God said, "OK, time to buy a silver cross and a lottery ticket."
My travel companion told me to wait until we arrive in Assisi to purchase the cross as she knows just the shop to find one and for only $10, but the voice was persistent so I found just one (on sale too) and then onto the purchase of the lottery ticket. Hardly lottery savvy, I stopped into a convenience store in Lawrence close to where my daughter works on the pretext of picking up an ice tea for her. Wandering over to the ticket window I tried to appear to know what I was doing. Reading and trying to decipher the rules written on the back of the lottery tickets seemed a little like trying to figure out Sudoku. Close by was a young man scratching off those instant winner cards so I decided to lower my sights and opted for the cards with the cute little ducks. Now, I have my very own little tool to scratch off the cards, and two new friends at the convenience store who are rooting for me. DaLando (one of my new friends) and I have decided to share our winnings that are sure to come very soon. To be continued.
In the meantime while I am gone, take in the Oct. 5 150th birthday party of Eudora, as well as EudoraFest the following day. Combining the two will bring lots of fun activities including the unveiling of the Paschal Fish and Princess Eudora statue and appearances of Miss Kansas, a silent auction of the culinary students' 150th birthday cakes, $2 buffalo burgers, free cake and ice cream, games and contests for the children as well as several bands and lots of entertainment. The committees for both the sesquicentennial and EudoraFest have worked hard to make this event a very festive and fun occasion.
You still can attend the last of the lecture series, which will be at 3 p.m. Sunday at City Hall to learn about "The German Founders of Eudora" and at 3 p.m. Sept. 30 to hear about "Eudora's favorite teacher -- Miss Nottingham" at Nottingham Elementary school.
And there are great commemorative items for sale. A must have is the sesquicentennial anniversary book written by Cindy Higgins, which is full of past and present history-making people and events. It can be purchased for $5. Or buy one of the lovely throws that depict Eudora landmarks as a Christmas gift for a relative. Paschal Fish & Princess Eudora T-shirts also are available as well as commerative pins. All of this and more on Oct. 5and 6 in the Park on Main Street. Come be part of the fun.

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