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Time for city to take action on Main Street wall

April 10, 2008

With requests for bids being solicited for Eudora's downtown beautification project, it is time for the city to get resolution on wall in the 700 block Main Street.

For more than a year, barricades have been placed on the sidewalk to protect strollers from - it is to be supposed - the wall's collapse. For months, the official story has remained the same. The city is working with at least one owner of the property while pursuing a legal solution.

The impasse has drug on too long. If the wall is such a safety hazard that the barricades are needed, it should have been removed months ago.

Apparently, the city agrees it is time to move and City Administrator Cheryl Beatty has said it appears the city will need to litigate.

We've witnessed other communities raze derelict houses in less time than Eudora spent with the wall. In those cases, efforts were made to work with property owners, but they were always informed they faced a strict deadline. It is true is some cases when ownership was complicated by trusts, as is the case with the wall, the cities ate the cost of removal but they meant to recover the expense with a lien on the property.

Such resolve is needed here to remove an eyesore, impediment to pedestrian traffic and safety hazard on one of the city's primary gateways.

We would hope someone on the Eudora City Council would take ownership of the issue and lead the city into to taking immediate action.


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