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City parks and rec creates scholarship fund

August 21, 2008

The Eudora Parks and Recreation Department is looking for ways to continue to offer children opportunities in a time of budget cuts.

The solution parks and recreation director Tammy Hodges came up with was to establish the Little Tykes Scholarship Fund. The fund is made possible by donations from area businesses and organizations.

Hodges has sent out letters to about 50 area businesses. Kansas University so far is the only donor, giving $200 to the program.

"It's not right for a kid to have to sit out of anything because of financial situations, so we're trying to get the business to donate to our cause," Hodges said

Any amount businesses contribute would help because it could be used for a variety of programs, including after-school care and sports leagues.

Forms filled out are confidential and the staff would decide how much money might be put toward a scholarship.

Sports and programs director Jim Kegin said the average sports league cost about $30 and that a lot of scholarships would go to multi-children families in need.

Hodges also said she wanted to begin a parks cleanup program that mirrored the "adopt a highway" program.

"When my budget starts going down, I have to think of ways and means to help take care of all of the parks," Hodges said. "Back in the day, everyone joined together, and we're getting to that point again. We're going to have to join together to help everybody out."


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