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Eudora blessed with Lauber’s years of service

August 21, 2008

A community is fortunate when a new resident arrives who can provide a needed service. It is doubly fortunate if that new citizen takes an active interest in the community. It is truly blessed if during the resident's long life, the person - through entrepreneurial skill and foresight - invests in the community in such a way that it improves that city's quality of life.

Such was Eudora's experience with Leo 'Doc' Lauber, who died last week at the age of 80. The list of the elected and appointed offices he held in his 50 years as a Eudora resident alone testify to his commitment to the community. He was a school board member, city councilman, city and county planning commissioner, sat on county economic development task force and was president of the Lions Club.

With all that, Lauber found other ways to share his energy and expertise with Eudora. He developed the local industrial park, which made those school bond referendums he would later champion much more palatable in a district challenged with a residential tax base.

The stamp Lauber left on this community is incalculable. The schools he worked to build and Intech Park will continue to benefit Eudora for decades. But not the least of his achievements is the example that there is always more of ourselves we can give to improving our community.


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