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Downtown street changes poorly planned

December 4, 2008

When I read the recent editorial in The Eudora News saying that everyone is sick and tired for downtown construction, I thought it an understatement. The editorial went on to say if we just grin and bear it for a while longer, downtown Eudora is going to look great when it’s finished. I wish I could feel that way, but I can’t. I drive downtown and see ridiculous islands out in the middle of the street. Wow, what an improvement. I see less parking in front of businesses (that would make my blood boil if I were a business owner) and light poles that are in your face close to each business where the poles will stand. I though the idea was to attract businesses to downtown. I don’t think people are going to make a beeline to downtown Eudora when they can’t find a place to park to get done what they came to do. This new layout will make it really hard for farmers to get to town with a combine or tractor (perhaps that was the intention when the planning was done) and for the snowplows to clear the streets. I’ll bet city employees are excited about watching out for the curbs on those wonderful islands when they remove snows. Whoever planned this project didn’t give much consideration for downtown businesses or the citizens of Eudora. It’s quite evident that common sense didn’t enter the picture during the planning stages. It looks good on paper but not so hot when you see it in person. Yes, I believe in progress and looking to the future, but I also believe there is a way to the future without destroying what we already have. Eudora is still a small town with a small-town atmosphere whether some of us like it or not. The farmers are here to stay (thank goodness), and I don’t think most people go downtown to sit on a bench and admire the scenery and say, “Isn’t downtown Eudora beautiful.” When I go downtown, I have a purpose in mind and I think most everyone else does too. It’s great to see the buildings be refurbished and new businesses going in and I’m sure some of the new things being done will look great when they are completed, however, the new street layout is not one of them. In my opinion the street is a step backward not forward. I have always said what I think and have often said I should have been listening when I was talking. But I still think the downtown project was poorly designed. It’s a done deal now, but am I the only one who thinks this way? Neil Trefz Eudora


Businessman 6 years, 10 months ago

I do have to say i am not happy with some of the finals on the repairs. 1- The drain just east of 8th & Main st is about 6 " too high and the water pools about 60ft back to the east on 8th st about 10" deep in spots. 2- The curb outs stick out too far and the parking angle is too sharp 3- The light pole just to the north of Cutters Smokehouse makes it almost not passible for a wheelchair and drops off into the gutter (very unsafe) Those are just a few issues i have found for now.I think the designer and engineering was way shaby, way shaby on this update.The basic design i think is great, but as for the real nitty gritty of engineering, that is poor as heck.


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