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January 9, 2008

My name is Cainan Shutt. I am 1. My grandma Ann Basel and my great-grandma Lo Lo (Lois Breithaupt) told me this story, and I would like to tell it to you.

Every year at Christmas, everyone would put on their warm hat and coats and gloves and go to Pa and Ma Dean's house to take everyone's picture by (the yard decoration of) Santa and the reindeer. This was made by Pa Dean with a lot of love and care.

Pa and Ma Dean died before I was born, so this year we went to great-great-uncle Benny and great-great-aunt Jeannie Dean's so I could have my picture taken. I am the fifth generation to stand in front of Santa and his reindeer. I am also the last.

On the night of Jan. 1, someone kicked it all to pieces. My grand Ann and great-grandma Lo Lo said Christmas is Jesus' birthday, so we should forgive whomever it was that took Santa and the reindeer away from us because Jesus said we should love everybody.

Cainan Shutt, Ann Basel and Lois Breithaupt



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