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City to begin annexation process

January 17, 2008

City Administrator Cheryl Beatty told city council members at a meeting Monday the city will begin the process of annexing approximately 19 pieces of property.

Nine of those pieces of property are on the northeast side of town and are located in the area of Peach and 10th streets where the new elementary school will be built. The other 10 lots are on the south side of town in the area of Church Street and Kansas Highway 10.

The city will pursue annexation of these properties in order to have continuity to power and sewage lines. When property is surrounded on three sides by city property, forced annexation can occur.

However, Beatty said the city will attempt to get each owner to consent before forcing annexation.

"What I'm going to do is instead of trying to go right to the legal process, I'll start by sending a letter to each property owner telling them 'we would like to do a consent to annexation with you rather than going into the legal process,'" she said.

The process will take up one year, with Beatty planning on about six months to annex the lots on the northeast side and another six months to annex the lots on the south side.

Beatty will immediately begin talking to title companies to request the addresses of the owners of the 19 lots so she can send them a request for consent annexation of their property. The letters should go out in February.

In other business, the council:

¢ Approved the appointment of Russ Bishop to replace David Durkin on the Board of Zoning Appeals. Durkin stepped down because he became too busy as a result of his duties as Eudora High School activities director. Bishop's term will expire July 1, 2010.

¢ Approved the contract for certified public accounting firm Lowenthal Singleton Webb and Wilson.

¢ Approved the purchase of two Toro mowers and the trade in of one John Deere and one Grasshopper mower. The Toros will cost $33,940, but the other two mowers have a trade-in value of $4,500.

¢ Approved a 10 percent discount on family memberships at the Eudora Community Center Wellness Center for businesses. They will table for the next meeting a decision on discounted memberships for city employees.

¢ Approved the use of alcohol by a licensed catering service in the community room at the Eudora Community Center. The caterers must supply the director of parks and recreation with a certificate of insurance; there will be a $500 deposit for any damages; and a police officer or security guard must be present during the function.

¢ Reviewed bids made for the middle interceptor project. Brian Kingsley, of BG Consultants, will bring recommendations for the bid to the next meeting after reviewing qualifications and history of bidding companies.


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