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Sewer line bids below estimates

January 31, 2008

The Eudora City Council awarded three bids for the middle sewer interceptor project Monday night. Council members and city officials were pleased with the bid prices, which came in at an average of $143,252 under the estimated price.

"The bids were phenomenal," City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said. "Contractors are hungry for work, so they bid competitively. Work will get started in 30 to 45 days, as soon as the weather breaks."

RD Johnson Excavating Inc. of Lawrence was rewarded the bid for sections one, three and four at a price of $242,233. The engineer's estimated price was $242,233.

Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors of Kansas City, Kan., was awarded the bid for section two at a price of $254,254. That was almost half the engineer's estimated cost of $495,849.

Brian Kingsley of engineering firm BG Consultants Inc. did a background check of each company, and Rodriguez was the only one on which he found any incidence to report. However, he said the incidence was an isolated occurrence rence and assured the council that BG would not allow Rodriguez to begin construction if they were not pleased with staffing, materials and other concerns.

McCorkendale Construction Inc. of Bucyrus was awarded the bid for section five at a price of $216,985.25. The engineer's estimated price was $405,147.

"That project has taken a lot of hard work in the last two years to get it prepared," Beatty said. "The improvements at the plant are going to follow suit and then the downtown projects, it's all very exciting."

In other actions, the council:

¢ Agreed that supervision of children by their parents or guardian was needed at the community center. Parks and Recreation director informed the council that there have been acts of vandalism committed at the facility and parents have been dropping off children as young as 5 years old to spend the day by themselves in the gym.

"We assumed once the facility opened, it was going to get heavily used," Beatty said. "But we were shocked to find that parents would just drop their kids off with no supervision, no brother or sister even, to care for them."

Beatty said they saw some of the same things happening at the pool last summer. Hodges said several parents have stopped using the after-school program because they realize they can leave their kids in the gym for free.

The council approved a rule that will go into effect immediately stating all children 10 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

"We've had some damage to the walls and one of the fire exit signs got broken," Beatty said. "We either had to limit access using money or limit access using parental supervision. The council thought parental supervision was the better of the two, and it is because children need to be supervised, not just dropped off and left alone."

Parks and Recreation employees will try to reach parents of children who are left alone.

Eudora Police Chief Greg Dahlem said police could be called and children could be turned over to juvenile detention center in Lawrence if parents can't be reached.

"We'll have no alternative if they keep dropping kids off and we'll have to call social services or something like that because people will leave us no choice," Beatty said.

¢ Heard from resident Trig Oleson who had the basement of his home in the area of Ash Street flooded by sewage the evening of Dec. 26 . He said it is a common occurance in the area. He requested that the city pay the deductible on his insurance. Beatty instructed him to make a claim with the city's insurance company.

¢ Approved a bid date of Feb. 29 for the flow diversion improvements project.

¢ Tabled discussion on fitness center hours at the Eudora Community Center because councilman Bill Whitten was not present and it was a subject in which the council believed he would like to have input.

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