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Early fall Church Street project to add to Eudora’s construction woes

July 23, 2008

Construction will further tighten its grip on Eudora roads for about two weeks in early fall when Douglas County does a mill and overlay of Church Street.

The $120,000 project will stretch just a little more than half a mile, beginning at the ramps on the bridge over Kansas Highway 10 and ending at 10th Street.

It will be one of at least three construction projects to occur in Eudora in a span of about three months and will cause more congestion to the only paved road that takes drivers south to the middle school and the high school.

Douglas County Public Works Director Keith Browning said the project will begin after KDOT's upgrade project on the Church Street bridge, which is set to end no later than Oct. 1.

"I'm pretty comfortable saying we'll be able to do the work on 1061 in late September and that KDOT will hopefully be done by then," Browning said. "We're hoping they get done a little bit early and that we can get in there."

The project is slated to take between eight and 10 workdays and will decrease the road to one lane. But just as the duration of downtown beautification project depends upon the condition of the infrastructure under the street, the same is true of the Church Street project.

Browning already said extensive patching was needed and the need for more could be discovered as the project progresses.

"Eudora is certainly experiencing more than is fair share of construction headaches this summer and into fall," Browning said. "I guess that the plus side of that is these various city, county and state agencies are all spending money on roads in Eudora."

Browning said he understood the timing was not perfect because Church Street was to be used as a detour route as a result of construction on Main Street. However, he said the project could cost more if the county waited any longer because the condition of the road would have worsened.

"We don't feel like we could wait until next year to do it," he said. "We would like to wait until there was no work going on downtown, but I don't think we can afford to wait on it."

Browning said the county usually does about four miles of overlay each year and that it will do a similar project covering about three miles on Route 460, just west of 59 Highway.

He also said a small area of County Road 1061 on the south side of the Church St. bridge is slated to be chip-sealed at some point in the fall, but it should only take a couple of hours.

"We're going to have to wait and see with the timing on that bridge, but of course it doesn't take very long to do that kind of job," Browning said. "It's possible that we would get in there and do that during a low-traffic time period in mid-morning or on a Saturday.

Eudora City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said she realized the challenges the construction would present, but is happy to get any improvements to city streets paid for by outside agencies.

"I'll take the money wherever we can get it," she said. "I wanted that street done because it's starting to fall apart."

Bids for the project will be opened Ju


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