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Eudora seems overdue for satellite office

July 24, 2008

The Douglas County Treasurer's Office in recent years has opened satellite offices at various locations in Lawrence. It has also unsuccessfully in the past located such an office in Baldwin City, an endeavor it is giving another attempt with a site in the Baldwin grocery store.

Satellite offices spare Douglas County residents a trip to the courthouse and the need to battle downtown Lawrence traffic. Usually located at grocery stores they allow for more efficient use of time as residents can shop and pay car registration fees or take care of other county business.

It is puzzling the treasurer's office hasn't attempted to locate a satellite in Eudora, especially in light of the several attempts to do so in Baldwin City. After all, population estimates the U.S. Census Bureau released earlier this month show Eudora to have 1,800 more residents than Baldwin City.

It's true that Eudora is closer to Lawrence than Baldwin City. But it's the in-town Lawrence driving that consumes time and gas and not the short trip on Kansas Highway 10 to the county seat.

The point isn't that the treasurer's office shouldn't locate a satellite office in Baldwin City. But that if such an office is justified there, Eudora would seem to be deserving of the same service. Why that hasn't been the case could perhaps be a question for candidates currently running for county commission.


PaulaGilchrist 7 years, 4 months ago

As Douglas County Treasurer, I was thrilled to see today's Eudora News Editorial expressing an interest in having a satellite office in your community. Long before I took office in 2005, Douglas County treasurers have strived to serve the citizens of every community in the County, including Eudora, Baldwin and LeCompton. The key has always been financial feasibility.

The first Baldwin satellite office opened in 1999 and closed in 2003. It was successful as far as usage was concerned, but too expensive to maintain. A location was rented year round and a full time staff person was dedicated to operating it. Beginning February of this year, we borrowed office space from The Baldwin State Bank located inside the Baldwin City Market ONE WEEK PER MONTH. Not year round. As most of you know, our office is busiest at the end of the month. We did not hire additional personnel, but instead have a full time staff person travel to Baldwin for one week during the middle of the month when our office isn't as busy.

Would the citizens of Eudora be interested in having a Treasurer's satellite office one week per month? Any suggestions for a (cheap) location?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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