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Abel family reunion

July 31, 2008

The Abel family reunion took place Sunday at Nottingham Elementary School with 87 family members in attendance.

There was a basket dinner and several birthdays were celebrated, including Felix Shutt's, Marion Shutt, and twins Jordan and Trevor McMillen.

Those attending were George and Pam Abel, Rob Abel and Wendy Taylor and Ben Abel, Gary, Joyce and Andrea Abel, Mulvane; Rich, Laura, and Tyler Ward, Dan, Alisha and Madelyn DeSpain, John and Ruth Abel, Karen Shepherd, Myna Guion, Ron and Joan Lefholz, Marla, Jacqueline, Trevor and Jordan McMillen, Pat and Mary Violett, Nevin and Clydelia O'Berg, Earl and Annie Babb, Marilyn Pugh, Blake Van Coevern, Karen and Katherine Montgomery, Tom and Cheryl Shutt, Bob and Sarah McTaggart, Jeff, Audrey and Erica McTaggart, June Thome, Jackie Abel, Josh Abel, Doug Abel, Nancy Breithaupt, Allison Abel, Amber Abel, Tommy, Alie and Caimen Shutt, Sarah Abel, Drew Meador, Felix and Marion Shutt, Cindy Brown, Mary Abel, Jerry Abel, Carlie, Anita, and Luke Abel, Margo Lauer, Larry, Kylee, Aaron, Cameron, Emma and Avah Foster, Chris, Theresa, Matthew and Katelyn Abel, Danny and Linda Abel, Wayne and Sandy Stone, Randy, Linda and Lorena Coleman, Mike and Janie Harris, Ron Abel, Jim O'Berg and Elva Kindred.


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