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Full slates of candidates encouraging

June 12, 2008

Incumbents may not agree, but we were pleased that candidates stepped forward to ensure races this election cycle for many positions that will appear on the Eudora ballot. The only disappointment is in the filing for Douglas County office where the district attorney, county clerk, sheriff, treasurer and register of deeds are unopposed.

Although this is not meant as an endorsement, we also are impressed with the quality of candidates who have chosen to run against longtime incumbents. From Jim Slattery in the U.S. Senate race against Pat Roberts, to Nick Jordan's bid to unseat Dennis Moore, to Ken Adkinson's campaign for 2nd District Douglas County Commissioner, we see many candidates that can expand the debate and may help overcome any complacency on the part of voters or incumbents.

At its foundation, democracy is about an informed citizenry having choices and of candidates testing ideas before the electorate. That doesn't happen when office holders retain their positions with no opposition or against opponents with no realistic chance of winning, which happens all too often even for Congressional seats. That, in turn, leads to a feeling of entitlement that encourages the corruption that has been the downfall of the last two Congressional majorities.

It also encourages staid policy and an unwillingness to look for new solutions. And if ever there was a need for fresh ideas it is now with a difficult war, a troubled economy and the county shackled to a mode of transportation that is becoming more unsustainable with seemingly every day bringing record oil prices.

It is very likely those very challenges that encouraged challengers and incumbents to file as candidates.


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