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Procedures manual may improve efficiency

June 12, 2008

The Eudora Planning Commission is one step closer to approving a new procedures manual that would increase the efficiency of the process through which developers must go when beginning projects.

Previously, developers had to read through the whole procedures manual to be sure they were following all regulations and procedures. But with the new manual will come a checklist for developers to fill out.

Some projects also used to come to a complete halt because developers would find out midway through that they didn't have a particular study done and could not continue until it was finished.

"Now, they'll know exactly what's expected of them rather than finding out a month later that they have made mistakes," City Administrator Cheryl Beatty said.

Zoning regulations will be written in a clearer manner, as well. Previous regulations were written in manner that left too much to the interpretation of readers, which in turn led to hearings with the board of zoning appeals.

The document also will bring clarity to the process and order in which a developer must get approval from various bodies of governance such as the Planning Commission, the Eudora City Council and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

"Before it was so unclear about what went to whom and whose interpretation was right, and this will clean up all of that."

Beatty said the new applications and checklists already are being used by the city.

The city will meet more frequently with developers and contractors - and include more members of the city staff - during the initial stages of planning and construction to be sure all parties are informed of what is happening.

"We're involving all of the departments - police department, fire department, all of the departments that will be impacted - into the loop so that everyone will get to have their say up front so that there aren't after-the-fact problems," Beatty said.

Next month's Planning Commission meeting on July 2 will see final draft turned in and possibly approved.


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