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City considers buying Durr house

June 17, 2008

After Robert and Virginia Durr sold their home and the 47 acres that surrounded it to Eudora USD 491, they became resigned to the idea that the 109-year-old home soon would be demolished.

But the city of Eudora is looking into the possibility of purchasing the home and transforming the homestead of three generations of Durrs into a historical museum and headquarters of the Eudora Chamber of Commerce.

The property, located at 2241 North 1400 Road, was purchased in January and will be the location of the new $27 million elementary school. The school district had planned to advertise the home and auction it off, and the buyer of the home would then have to move it off of the property.

The Durrs have until Oct. 1 to vacate the premises. However, they hope be out of the home sooner than thatas they plan to move across the street to a prefabricated home that already has been delivered.

For all intents and purposes, the board would donate the house to the city. However, in order to make the contract legally binding, the city would have to pay what Eudora Interim Superintendent of Schools Don Grosdidier said would amount to about $1.

Grosdidier said the school district hopes to have a buyer for the property by Aug. 15 so that construction can move forward.

Read the full story in this weeek's Eudora News.


Businessman 7 years, 5 months ago

WOW this is very cool what an idea. I feel this is an awesome use and am 100% behind the city on this deal.A way to save the old home and make a historic site for people to come to Eudora to see it.way to go, thanks city leaders, great job if you can gitter done. Keep us posted.


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