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June 19, 2008

5 years ago


June 2003

Army Reserve member Jay Thorne and his wife, Amy, were excited by the healthy arrival of 8-pound, 2-ounce Lexi Marie three days before Father's Day.

The arrival of the couple's first child by Caesarean section last Thursday provided enough urgency to earn Jay a so-called once-in-a-lifetime leave from his military assignment halfway across the world.

Jay is a member of a Gardner-based 129th U.S. Army reserve transportation company that left for the Persian Gulf April 28. Based in northern Kuwait, the unit traveled the dangerous highways of Iraq, hauling tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles and other military equipment.

Jay left for the Middle East knowing Amy was expecting in June. He found out in May the baby girl would be delivered by C-section June 12 at St. John Hospital in Leavenworth.

Jay and his father, Jim Thorne, of Tonganoxie, began to talk about him returning home for the birth. Amy and Jay's mother, Dee, were left in the dark because of uncertainty whether the trip could be arranged.

His father and his best friend's mother, Lisa Ney of Overland Park, worked on the trip from this end, arranging airline tickets that would get Jay home in time for the birth. His father, the owner of the family tree service for which Jay works, paid for the round-trip from Kuwait City.

"I'm grateful for the short time he is here," Amy said. "I must say I'm pretty fortunate that he was able to come home at all."

11 years ago


June 1997

Eudora School District superintendent Dan Bloom turned in his resignation after being offered the position of assistant superintendent in charge of business in the Kansas City, Kan., school district.

Bloom's resignation would be effective June 24 after the board of the other school district acted on his contract. Bloom had been superintendent of the Eudora district since the 1983-84 school year.

34 years ago


June 1974

Eudora 4-H Club community leader Antonette Brecheisen handed the club a letter of resignation at its regular monthly meeting at Hesper Friends Church.

Brecheisen had served as community leader for four years and had been a project leader for eight years.

73 years ago


June 1935

Arthur Gabriel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gabriel, sang on radio station WREN. His sister, Amaretta, played the piano.

¢ Thurman J. Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Scott, a first-class electrician in the United States Navy stationed at San Diego, was sent to Guam for two years as a movie sound technician.

¢ Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Beecroft moved to the Ed Burnell cottage, west of Hesper.

¢ While attempting to lift a box to a shelf in the barn at his farm west of town, James Roe slipped on the mud and silt deposit from the recent high water and broke his left arm near the wrist.

¢ Greta Kanzig had her tonsils removed at Memorial Hospital in Lawrence.

¢ Will Saunders had a Bell Telephone installed in his home.

79 years ago


June 1929

¢ Henry Deckwa and Martin Breithaupt were building new barns.

¢ Chicken thieves were busy in the Clearfield vicinity. Gideon Breithaupt reported the loss of some chickens.

¢ Alfred Eisele and Jack Milburn motored to Sublet for a few days. Mr. Eisele went in the interest of his wheat near that place.

¢ The Rev. T. Hauck, pastor of St. Paul Church, attended a conference of the Woman's Union in Detroit.

¢ Twelve lemons were 29 cents at Eudora Dept. Store. A large size of Kellogg's Corn Flakes were 10 cents.

114 years ago


June 1894

Eudora Township's valuation was $233,068.

¢ Berthold Durr was back from college at Elmhurst, Ill.

¢ Horace Rogers took a box of chinch bugs to Professor Snow and exchanged them for diseased ones. Mr. Rogers said the bugs were very bad in his corn but hoped to get rid of them by that means.


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