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City Council’s fitness offer wise policy

March 6, 2008

After weeks of discussion and debate, the Eudora City Council agreed last week to offer city employees discounts at the wellness center of the Eudora Community Center.

A measure allowing city employees that opportunity is to be presented to council members Monday.

One concern during the discussion was the effect of additional participants at the busy wellness center. That is a testimony to the success of the recreational complex and its embrace by the community.

But we agree with the city council that a busy center was not a reason to forego offering city employees the opportunity to workout at the new complex.

Faced with the reality of rising insurance costs, many companies are sharing the expense of gym costs with employees. Fit employees are less likely to suffer from a myriad of illnesses, which cause expensive medical bills or necessitate coverage for absent workers.

In this case, fit employees are a benefit to Eudora taxpayers.

The employees are free to pass on the city's offer if they want. It is our hope most take advantage of the opportunity.


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