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All-night prom teaches teens valuable lesson

March 13, 2008

In the past and in a place other than Eudora, we've heard arguments against community all-night proms or after-prom parties. Why, the argument went, should students be awarded for avoiding behavior they should be expected to avoid?

Although we understand that reasoning, we're prone to support the rejoinder that the possibility of saving teens from death and injury outweigh any presumed bribery.

But we would go further and suggest as does Eudora Superintendent Marty Kobza that the local after-prom party is an educational lesson for high school students. In his view, the effort Bruce and Bonnie Neis have led in the past and Beverly Gadberry is leading this year gives the students a lesson in community commitment and volunteerism.

We would suggest the other lesson all-night prom provides is that alcohol need not be present to have an enjoyable time and that, in fact, a better time can be had if it is shunned. In contrast with what they will likely encounter in the coming years, Eudora teens will experience one of the most memorable nights of their high school careers free of the use of alcoholic beverages as a social stimulant.

It's a hopeful message and much preferable to associating such a youthful and innocent rite of passage with surreptitious gulps of spiked drinks.

We are pleased new leadership has stepped up to carry on the nearly two-decade old tradition and encourage continued support from the community


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